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Getting Data from Your Posts Page in WordPress


The Problem

With most of the WordPress sites I develop, I don’t want the homepage to be the default blog page with a loop of posts. Luckily, there’s an easy remedy by setting the front page (under Settings -> Reading) to a page called Home and the posts page to a page called Blog.

That works great… at least until you’re trying to pull a featured image or custom field from the Blog page. Because of how it overrides the page template to be index.php, if you call the function the_post_thumbnail(), you’ll get the thumbnail of the most recent blog post instead of the page. Same goes for any other post functions like the_content() or the_permalink(). Here’s how I suggest getting data from your posts page.

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WordPress Plugins I Can’t live Without


I try to use as WordPress plugins as little as possible, but there are a few that are simply too good to pass up. For most of you, these are old news, but for anyone else, they’ll change the way you do things. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I launched a WordPress site with #1 & #2, and #3 is a must if you need any form of e-commerce.

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