My name is Josh Jenkins, and I’m a web designer and developer from Nashville, TN. Currently, I’m the lead developer at Landslide Creative, a local marketing, design and web development company that I started 3 years ago with Amanda Dyer. I also work as the web developer at Brentwood Baptist Church where I manage and write most of the code for its main and secondary sites.

The Work I Do

Most of my development work is done in some combination of HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript. Recently, I’ve been doing quite a bit of work in WordPress, though I also regularly develop for ExpressionEngine or custom CMS based projects.

While I do spend a lot of time writing code, I spend almost as much time planning and organizing the sites that I work on. I pride myself on being able to see the big picture and not simply making a bunch of individual modules, but creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

In most cases, I manage sites from start to finish so in addition to writing code, I know my fair share about web design, server management, DNS issues, email marketing, 3rd party tools, etc.

Click here to see examples of recent projects I’ve been working on.

Work With Me

What Else I Do

I’m married to a nurse named Meghan, and we live in the Bellevue area of Nashville. I follow the USMNT and Kentucky Wildcats closely and probably spend too much time watching sports. I also like to cook (my favorite is putting big hunks of meat in a smoker for 12+ hours) and eat (my favorite is big hunks of meat that have cooked in a smoker for 12+ hours). I listen to weird music and read a lot of Batman.